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Hi Guys! Welcome to my page

I'm Elise, I come from the Land Down Under.. I also have a Finnish background, so my bloodline is half Aussie half Finnish. I'm a beach girl & love adventure.

You could say I'm a little dorky, I love collecting 80's & 90's things. I was bit of a tomboy growing up doing all the fun things that guys do.

I like connecting with people that have positive vibes & are genuine, Sometimes assholes seem closer than they appear. That's life lol

I keep a very small circle because Loyalty means everything to me, I love making people feel welcome & comfortable to hang out & just have fun.

I LOVE MUSIC, anything from Pop, Classic Rock, Alternative, I play nearly everything and anything 80's,90's to now.

I DO get fully naked and dance, I love the art of seduction & the art of tease. I am not an explicit model, meaning No Kitty flash, No toys, No fingers.

I enjoy keeping it classy & dressing in the sexiest lingerie & cosplay outfits. You'll see me having fun with a little body painting, I also love getting NAKED.

So please all you shy guys, DON'T BE SHY, Come say Hi & get to know me, I'd love to get to know you guys & hopefully we can build some great friendships on my journey.
Room Rules
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This means show some respect to me and the others in my room. Acting like a big-mouth idiot is a quick way to get banned.
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Room Topic
Check my room topic for the day's countdowns and specials. Also while I might consider certain requests, I don't haggle so please don't try.
Go easy on posting emotes. Some are funny, some are to the point, a lot are just annoying. If you really need to see/post dick emotes, you are in the wrong room and likely the wrong site.
I don't Skype so please don't ask
Some models Skype, others don't. Loyal members are only considered.
I don't accept PayPal?
This is MFC - I only accept tokens.
Personal information
I have a life outside MFC as do you. While it is flattering that you might ask, I like to keep my personal information private.
Meet Ups
I am not going to the Tamworth Country Music Festival with you. Period.
Personal Rights
I reserve the right to remove anyone from Clubs, Friend lists, Snapchat etc at anytime if I feel uncomfortable or If they become rude or simply because I find they display lack of effort when it comes to being apart of my MFC Journey.
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so keep checking back to see what's new.
Australia Zoo Experience Raffle
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